Crowne Plaza Pujiang, Shanghai

The hotel’s arrival experience creates an immersive and dramatic first impression. It consists of a series of immense, seemingly floating lattice screens lit from within. These screens are visually expanded due to the black mirrored ceiling, creating drama and mystery. The pattern on these screens forms silhouettes of connecting lines meant to evoke rhythm and harmony that stand above dark grey marble floors.

The design sensibility unfolds behind these screens, as pockets of spaces are designed to be discovered throughout the journey. The guests are greeted at the reception with a distinctively designed counter against the textured leather panels. A residential feel permeates the Lobby Lounge. Groups of seating are clustered into different settings to cater for group and individual travellers. The low screen dividers are inserted among the seating to create privacy while maintaining openness and an unobstructed view of the lush landscape.


  • Shanghai, China
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