Mondrian Auckland

The design follows the story of a little girl whose dreams take her into the land below the crater of Auckland. Called the Underland, this is where she encounters a dreamlike landscape full of wonder and curiosity. Guests enter a “Box of Wonders”, where the sheer volume of three stories encapsulates every guest while the digital projections immerse them on their journey to the Underland.

Throughout the property, there are cues which the ever-elusive rabbit leaves behind. Guests are even presented with a secret key to access a cabinet inside the guestroom, which reveals a welcome drink in the form of a “secret potion”. The property also features Mondrian’s signature food and beverage offerings in the form of Cleo, Ella Mia and the famous Skybar. The latter sits on the top of the hotel, with stunning views of the harbour.


  • Auckland, Australia
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