Signiel Lotte, Seoul

Situated between levels 76 to 101 of the 555-meter-tall landmark Lotte World Tower, the Signiel Hotel is regarded as Korea’s most luxurious hotel, offering extravagant experiences for guests inspired by the idea of a “mansion in the sky.” Luxury with a twist on traditional Lotte properties, the design team used height as a key element in this project and featured double-height ceilings to embody a sense of airiness reminiscent of floating clouds and to evoke a sense of grandeur as guests experience the spaces.

Signiel Hotel’s interior harmoniously blends the elements of East and West and showcases a contemporary aesthetic mixed with Korean influences from art, ceramics and calligraphy. Korean culture and heritage can be found in every room in the form of the Mugunghwa: Korea’s national flower, which symbolizes peace, happiness and unity.


  • Seoul, South Korea
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