Hyatt Regency Chongming Island, Shanghai

Located on China’s third largest island and next to Dongtan wetland park, this is a modern-day sanctuary inspired by the surrounding natural landscape: the flora, fauna, water and sky. To establish this connection, the designers brought these natural elements inside, such as the tree trunk that sits outside the Chinese restaurant or the abstract carpet pattern in the guestrooms inspired by the lotus growing around the marsh.

This resort is also a prominent conference venue, introducing the market to a brand new meeting concept: “The Campus.” Much like a college campus, this 1,440 sqm space features a series of breakout rooms: a lecture hall, three classrooms, a cafeteria, and six music and game rooms. From the vintage gramophone in the music room to the chalkboards in the classrooms and scientific sketches on the walls, each venue has a youthful yet retro aesthetic that evokes the nostalgia of college. The resort’s five restaurants and lounges all have interiors that reflect their seasonal, organic cuisine.


  • Shanghai, China
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